A young woman wearing athletic wear, including a baseball cap, sits cross legged under a large gray rock with a pathway cut through it with her medium sized dog with long golden fur in her lap. Carousel imageA happy elderly cream colored goldendoodle laying with his ball in the grass.Wheaton terrier, a white curly haired dog, lays on a colorful rug in a sploot.A beagle mix lays on a couch with her mouth open in a happy expression.A one-eyed yorkie standing on a street in a harness with a red strawberry leash attached waiting to be walked by a dog walker.Carousel imageA young sand colored kitten sits on the bars right below the seat of a barstool looking to the right. The stool sits in front of a shelf and a cabinet. A large size elderly dog with short brown fur laying on a blue couch with her head on her front legs looking at the pet sitter behind the camera.An elderly cream colored goldendoodle lays on his side in the green grass relaxing, as if asleep, while his left ear is flopped over to the other side of his head.  A gray and white havanese sits on a snowman blanket on top of a large cream colored plush chair with a red shirt on and black and cream pillows sitting behind her.A small one eyed yorkie stands on top of a large area rug in front of his crate looking at the camera with an expression on his face as if he is smiling.A medium size elderly mixed breed dog with long golden fur walking in a blue wheelchair with a blue leash. Carousel imageCarousel imageAn elderly cream colored goldendoodle lays in the grass rolling over onto his side in a silly way with his front paws in the air.. A medium golden dog with longer fur and a red leash attached to her collar looks out at the running water of a river from the top of a bridge.Carousel imageA white and black boston terrier stands on a tan couch.A black labradoodle puppy sits on a tan couch with a bone shaped chew toy between his front paws. His front paws are also on top of a white blanket printed with dogs and cats on it. There is a fireplace behind him that has Christmas stockings hanging from it.Carousel imageA small yorkie walks on gray pavement with a gray harness on and a red strawberry leash attached.A medium sized golden colored dog with long fur wearing a harness with a purple and blue striped leash walks down a sidewalk. There are lush overgrown plants on both sides of the sidewalk with a river to the left and hills with plentiful trees in the background. A black and gray husky puppy with bright blue eyes lays on a light brown floor calmly looking at the camera.